Our innovative


benefits of CUTORA

– Cutting off the tendrils & gras
– Loosening and mixing the soil
– Improve of mulching straw to minimise the risk of blossom frost
– Reduction of plant protection products l

leaflet of the machine

You can also find all the information in a compact form in our leaflet for download – in digital form and also suitable for printing! Simply download it here.

technical data

Click on the button to see the exact technical data of the machines: Cutora R1 e2, Cutora R2 e2, Cutora R2 e3 and Cutora R4 e3. Which machine suits you depends on your dam shape.

machine in detail

tools and accessories

Video Cutora

Here you can see our Cutora R2 during application in the field! If you have any questions about the machine or are interested in buying it, please feel free to contact us!