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our machines

Cutora 4Disc

Our chopper / hoe – mechanical weed control

The CUTORA R takes care of cutting the tendrils, loosening and mixing the soil and improving the straw mulching to minimise the risk of blossom frost.

The CUTORA PLUS combines the advantages of the two ground tool variants (goose foot point + double disc) in one machine.

Streuix – 4DISC

Our spreading machine –precise distribution of predatory mites and other insects

The machine ensures the exact distribution of the beneficial insects and auxiliary substances. There are no residual quantities or excess quantities. The distribution of the substrates is much faster than usual by hand with our STREUIX.

Our cutting tool – suction and cutting of the tendrils

The TOPPER provides the right support for cleaning and cutting down in spring. The large wheels at the height of the rotor ensure particularly good height control.

Our helper to build and remove foil tunnels – quickly assembly and disassembly of foil tunnels

The Bocarrier is a transport trailer for pipe bends for the effective assembly and dismantling of foil tunnels.