Hermann Dreesbeimdieke Firma 4Disc
Development Engineer / Founder

“I grew up in Gütersloh on my parents’ farm, a small mixed farm with livestock, as well as arable and grassland. After school, I completed an apprenticeship as a toolmaker. I then studied agricultural machinery technology in Cologne.”

  • Since 1994 self-employed development engineer (focus: soil cultivation equipment and seed drills for market crop cultivation).
  • 1995 Foundation of a photovoltaic sales company. Areas of responsibility: Development module mounting systems, logistics and accounting.
  • 2019 Foundation of the company 4Disc

“I grew up in Dortmund on the farm of my parents, who ran a mixed farm with livestock, arable farming and strawberries. After school, I completed an apprenticeship as a farmer. Before attending the higher agricultural school in Münster, I completed one year on a special crop / direct marketing farm in Niedersachsen.”

  • 2005: Graduation: state-certified farmer
  • 2005 to 2008: Employee on the Mertin farm
  • 2008: Takeover of the Mertin farm and expansion on special crops and arable land (strawberries, raspberries, pome fruit, stone fruit).
  • 2019 Foundation of the company 4Disc
Friedrich Mertin Firma 4Disc
Farmer / Founder