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foil harvester

Innovative approach to film removal using horizontally rotating discs.

features of the machine

The angle-adjustable discs run in the floor below the foil and lift it up. The turning movement opens the bottom and the film is exposed. Safe to use on all types of soil and with high amounts of straw, weeds or grass seed. The row spacing can be set individually. The modular design enables a reel to be added at a later date for mechanical winding of the film.

technical details

Basic device with adjustable support wheels. Available in 1 row for double dam or 2 row for single dam.
– 2 hydraulic motors with lifting discs per foil dam
– Optionally with pre-running disc coulter to cut through the film lengthwise
– TO 2 – ED | 2 rows single dam
– TO 1- DD | 1 row double dam

machine in detail

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