The active cut

Ultra-flat and full-surface: The Min-Till innovation through the active cut!

special features of the machine

  • The rotating movement of the discs results in an active cut, so that the weeds are cut exactly at the root neck, thus no further growth from the root ball.
  • The solution against field blackgrass or ryegrass.
  • The flat set disc has a very low demand to the countercut of the soil and cuts very precisely on humus and sandy sites, even after previous deep tillage.
  • The Acticut does not require soil as a self-cleaning effect, so even the flattest settings are possible with a lot of emergence or high amounts of straw.
  • Safe soil intake: The disc also turns in hard soil, no high machine weight is required for this.


  • Folding divided centrally into two segments. Suspension close to the center of gravity so that the machine weight is evenly distributed on all sensing wheels.
  • Symmetrical structure and disc division of the segments. Each segment has its own pair of depth guide wheels; 4 in total.
  • Short design and compact disc array, resulting in very good ground hugging in the longitudinal direction
  • Optional equipment for seedbed preparation with double bend harrow and 1-row harrow

leaflet of the machine

You can also find all the information in a compact form in our leaflet for download – in digital form and also suitable for printing! Simply download it here.

technical details

Click on the button to view the detailed technical data of the machines: ActiCut 300, ActiCut 450 and ActiCut 600.

system in detail

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